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ls460 parts oem used

About Lexus Ls460

The Lexus LS 460 is a luxury sedan renowned for its blend of performance, comfort, and sophisticated design. Introduced in 2007 as part of the fourth generation of the Lexus LS series. Ls460 features a powerful V8 engine, advanced air suspension and a wealth of luxury amenities.With high-quality materials and attention to detail, the LS 460 offers a refined driving experience, making it a flagship model in the Lexus lineup. At Coollex we can offer a variety of Lexus Ls460 Parts Oem Used parts to keep your Lexus Ls running and on the road at fraction of the cost of new dealer sourced parts. Most of our parts ship for free at very competitive pricing and our customers can also make offers! Buy Ls460 Parts Oem Used from coollex and see the difference in delivery and service.

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vs Aftermarket

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts refer to components used in the repair or modification of vehicles. Here are the key differences between OEM and aftermarket:

  1. Source of Production:

    • OEM: These are parts produced by the original equipment manufacturer, the company that designed and built the original product. OEM parts are identical to those originally used in the manufacturing process. In our case, the OEM parts we sell for Lexus Ls460 are exact parts produced by the Lexus factory.
    • Aftermarket: These are parts produced by third-party companies not affiliated with the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are designed to be compatible with the original product, but the quality of such parts may suffer.
  2. Quality and Standards:

    • OEM: Generally, OEM parts are expected to meet the same quality and performance standards as the original parts that came with the product. They often undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict specifications.
    • Aftermarket: Quality can vary. Some aftermarket manufacturers produce high-quality components that meet or exceed OEM standards, while others may offer lower quality alternatives.
  3. Price:

    • OEM: OEM parts are often more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts. But not in our case! We source the parts from pre-owned vehicles, which presents an advantage to buy used OEM tested parts at a fraction of the cost of new OEM parts.
    • Aftermarket: Aftermarket parts are generally more affordable. The competitive nature of the aftermarket industry can lead to a wide range of prices, allowing consumers to choose products that fit their budget.
  4. Warranty:

    • OEM: OEM parts usually come with a warranty from the original equipment manufacturer, providing assurance of quality and performance. We also have a limited warranty and return options for the used OEM parts we sell.
    • Aftermarket: Warranty coverage for aftermarket parts varies by manufacturer. Some reputable aftermarket brands offer warranties similar to or even exceeding those provided by OEMs, while others may have more limited coverage.

When deciding between OEM and aftermarket parts, customers often weigh factors such as cost, quality, availability, and warranty coverage based on their specific needs and preferences. We recommend considering used OEM parts as an option for a great cost savings opportunity.