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This is a tutorial for oil change on lexus is300 2jz engine

Changing oil on lexus is300 with 2jz engine is a job anyone with simple tools can do. We recommend performing lexus is300 2jz oil changes every 5K miles. Some sources say every 10K if running synthetic. But from personal experience, good lasting 2jz needs to get an oil change every 5K.

Supplies Needed to Complete the Oil Change

Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30, (5.7 Quarts needed)

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Fram Ultra Synthetic 20K mile Oil Filter, XG3614 with SureGrip (Pack of 1)

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WORKPRO 12" Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers (trust me you want this)

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Hopkins FloTool
10709 Spill Saver Oil Funnel

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This list should be less than $80

Step 1

Jack the car from the front - there is hook that's on the drivers side which is good to use for the task. Please use safety stands. Grab an oil catcher bucket and undo the 12mm bolt and let it all out. Also, unscrew the oil cap on top of the engine to release any pressure and make sure all oil is drained.

lexus is300 2jz

Step 2 (get the oil filter out)

This is a tough one. The filter is located on the driver side of the engine, and is hard to get to. 2jz is a great engine but engineers did not do a good job with filter placement design.

This is where the oil filter pliers come in handy. There are ways to take it off without the pliers, but its hard and messy. Get a few shop towels, put them under the filter and unscrew the filter. Some oil will come out, use the towels to clean it.

Finally, after disposing of the old filter, take the new one, put a little bit of new oil on top of the filters' rubber seal and hand tighten it in place. Don't over do it, just make sure its snug.

lexus is300 2jz

Step 3 (refill and reset)

Make sure that the oil pan bolt is in place. There is specific torque spec - 71 INCH pounds to tighten the bolt - but I usually hand tighten just enough that i know it wont come off and not so much that it brakes. Be careful with it. if you snug it - snug it twice and that should do.

Get the Mobil1 5qt jug and pour it in. Use the funnel, its less mess that way. All you need to add is .7 qts. Take the one 1qt jug and pour half in. That will be .5. After estimate the other .2 - I'd say use the oil stick to your advantage.

You will need to reset the oil meter on your cluster here are the basic instructions from the Lexus Manual:

  • 1)Turn key to “OFF” position with odometer reading shown
  • 2)Turn ignition key to the “ON” position while holding down the “ODO/TRIP” button
  • 3)Hold button until odometer reads 000000 and the light goes off
  • 4)If the system fails to reset, start over and try again
  • lexus is300 2jz


    These are the basics to the lexus is300 2jz oil change. Don't be afraid to try and do it yourself. You will be saving money. Also, knowing that you've done the oil change, gives you more understanding on engine maintenance life.


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