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Lexus is manual transmission conversion process

  • step 1 Find and used Lexus Is manual transmission, preferably under 100k miles, here at coollex.com we sometimes part out manual is300 and is250 models so follow our website or social media, we may have one in stock.
    • along with Lexus is manual transmission, you will need:
      • clutch master and slave cylinder
      • clutch pedal
      • shift knob
      • manual transmission mounting plate (depending on the model)
      • drive shaft - may be different from your original auto tranny
      • Flywheel, clutch and pressure plates

  • step 2 Start wrenching - start unbolting the old transmission. make sure to take safety measures and ask someone for assistance, transmissions weigh up to 200lb so save your back.
    • Here are some steps to assist you (may not include everything - specifically applies to Lexus is300 manual transmission swap)
      • 1. unbolt all undercover plastic. (10mm)
      • 2. unbolt the driveshaft from the differential
      • 3. To slide the driveshaft off the Auto's output shaft you'll need to unbolt two 14mm bolts from about the middle of the driveshaft they're easy to spot and not tough to unbolt. After slide the driveshaft out.
      • 4. Unbolt the cross-member for the Auto transmission
      • 5. There's a rubber cover on the engine, you'll need to remove this to be able to have visual of the 6-8 14mm bolts that hold the Torque Converter to the Auto Flywheel (You'll need to crank the engine slightly to get to each bolt).
      • 6. The Auto transmission should lower after you unbolt the cross-member and you'll be able to have visual of the 8 bolts on the bell housing. 4 17mm and 4 14mm The starter will dangle but it'll be okay.( make sure you have a floor jack/transmission jack to hold the transmission after you unbolt all of the bolts.
      • 7. After lowering the Auto, you'll have visual of the Auto Flywheel, 6-8 14mm bolts, unbolt this and be careful the flywheel spacers may come flying down at you.
      • 8. Then install your preferred Flywheel, Clutch and Pressure Plate.
      • 9. Install your preferred transmission with 1JZ/2JZ bell housing and Shifter that'll fit through the OEM hole.
      • 10. Install the cross-member that'll work with your transmission.
      • 11. Install the driveshaft that'll work with your transmission and differential.
      • ( this does not include all req. steps for more detailed description please refer to this article)

  • step 3 Re-bolt everything back to the car and tighten to spec. if you need other interior, trim or engine parts come back to coollex.com We part out these cars and deliver great service and fast shipping. check out for related parts, tools below.

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