The story of AXELIS

This is a story of a 2009 Lexus Is250 that someone had put an AXE to, hence the name AXELIS.

A few months ago, I saw a Craigslist ad for a 2010 pearl white is250. Since we specialize in these cars, I was very eager to go look at it, what I saw was this.

These pictures were taken after we’ve paid the guy, heard his interesting story about someone taking an axe, spray paint, and more (what we had to find out later) to the car. Picked up the title and headed to our base to see what we can do with this car.

Despite having excess of spray paint on exterior body panels, we also found out that the interior was ruined. Seats ripped, spray painted, all windows were slashed, and it was “cutting edge” kingdom in there.

What we had to find out later was even more interesting. The gas tank was filled with house paint, left engine aluminum valve cover was smashed and sliced through, which in turn ruined the oil cap port. WHO WAS THAT MAD!? Rear Left wheel had axe marks, stereo head unit was sprayed with paint excessively we just had to throw it away. At this point one would ask why do we need such a car?

Even though this poor car sustained such heavy human caused damages, it still had a lot of good parts that we can use for cars we repair and for sale. So I naturally just wanted to park it until we’ll need those parts, but my mechanic guru showed up, looked at it, and offered to repair it. Repair AXELIS? Can that be done? Is there any way the paint can be washed off? what about interior?

Here is a sneak preview for part 2 of this story, but to some of those questions I don’t know the answer myself.

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