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2002 Lexus is300 (manual) - another chance

This Project is a 2002 Lexus is300 (manual) that we saved from Junk Yard. Bought it way overpriced from one of our fellow dismantling locations. This old and neglected 2002 Lexus is300 had one advantage above other similar part-outs. It had a manual transmission. As you know, its harder and harder to find manual IS300’s these days.

2002 lexus is300

Just to drive

We quickly assembled the front end from parts we had laying around. Wheels and tires were donated from 2015 Infinity. Hood had so much bondo on it - it was hard to lift, paint didn't match. Original 2jz (at that point pushing 250k miles) was to say the least - tired. So we put in a fresh 120K 2jz in it, without a single issue. Our 2002 Lexus Is300 drove, those donor tires were gone in two days 🙂

On the road

About a year after the previous picture, we got a 2002 Lexus Is300 Wagon for parts. and the quality of the wagon was good, very good. So naturally it became a second donor for our 2002 Lexus IS300.

Hood, doors, fenders, front bumper, wheels and part of interior were transferred to the manual 2002 Lexus Is300. Lexus really came about alive. It was noticeable on the road, fast and rotated tires. Manual transmission with Limited Slip Diff did do a good job at it.

Parting Ways

The project was sold to a local lexus enthusiast who said he would turbo it. One thing for sure, if this deal ever comes again - We must repeat this story. Its really a shame that these manual is300's became rare.


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